El Instituto de Estudios de las Adicciones (IEA-CEU) applies an interdisciplinary approach to research on addictive behaviours with the aim of making progress in prevention (education) and treatment (rehabilitation-reintegration).

The IEA-CEU thus brings together the different aspects involved in addictions: anthropological, historical, sociological, legal, educational, biological, psychological, medical, etc. This holistic, transversal and humanistic approach to the problem of addictions pretends to enhance the achievement of more innovative and effective strategies as demanded by today’s society.

Research areas

Neurobiology of alcoholism

Preclinical drug development for the treatment of alcoholism

Neurotoxicity of alcohol and other drugs of abuse: Contribution of the immune response

Biological markers of addiction vulnerability

Addictive properties of food

Behavioral addictions: explanatory models and predisposing variables

Values and strengths and their relation to the use/abuse of social networks

Interdisciplinary research on addictions