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19 de April de 2022
Drogas de sumisión química: efectos, usos y prevención
The commission of sexual crimes and robberies through the use of drugs that annul the will is not an urban legend. If you suspect an assault using this method, the most important thing to do is to go to a health centre as soon as possible... and not just for health reasons.
19 de April de 2022
La ciencia, a la busca y captura de las nuevas drogas de diseño
Experts in neuropsychopharmacology are involved in a project that aims to anticipate the emergence of new psychoactive substances and assess their health risks.
19 de April de 2022
Mucho cannabis, drogas de síntesis y pastillas, ¿hay algo de real en ‘Euphoria’?
Teenagers, addiction experts and psychiatrists help us understand the reality of the protagonists of the HBO series Max.